Descendants of Jacques (Jacob) Untereiner

1-Jacques (Jacob) Untereiner was born on 30 Mar 1822 in La Petite Pierre, Bas-Rhein, France, died on 16 Mar 1892 at age 69, and was buried in St. John's Cemetery, Fort Atkinson. He was a blacksmith. Jacques married Elisabeth Bouillon on 15 Sep 1846 in Danne Et, Quatre Vents, Moselle, France, daughter of Hermann Bouillon and Madelaine Clementz. Elisabeth was born on 19 Nov 1819 in Strasborge, Bas-Rhein, France and died on 15 Apr 1902 in Fort Atkinson at age 82. They had seven children. They appear in the 1860 census in Old Mission, Winneshiek Co., Iowa. Their neighbors were Anthony Gaertner; Lewis Huber and Philip Spielman.

2-Jacques Untereiner was born on 21 Oct 1847 in La Petite Pierre, Bas-Rhein, France and died on 17 Sep 1850 in La Petite Pierre at age 2.

2-Jean (John) Untereiner was born on 15 Mar 1850 in La Petite Pierre, died in 1862 in Festina at age 12, and was buried in St. Anthony of Padua Cemetery.

2-Josephine Untereiner was born on 29 Mar 1852 in La Petite Pierre, Bas-Rhein, France and died on 1 Feb 1852 in La Petite Pierre.

2-Jacques Hubert (Jacob) Untereiner was born on 9 Feb 1854 in La Petite Pierre, Bas-Rhein, France, died in 1862 in Festina at age 8, and was buried in St. Anthony of Padua Cemetery. They are buried together with one tombstone for both of them.

2-Emile Mathias Untereiner was born on 2 Nov 1857 in Old Mission, Festina, Winneshiek Co., Iowa, died on 17 Dec 1939 in Cross Plains, Dimock, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota at age 82, and was buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery. Emile married Dorothea Mary Holthaus on 18 Oct 1881 in St. Mary's, Festina, daughter of Theodore Holthaus and Elizabeth Lisette Vierhaus. Dorothea was born on 15 Aug 1860 in Festina, died on 28 Mar 1936 in Parkston, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota at age 75, and was buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery. They had ten children.

3-Alphonse Untereiner was born on 25 Feb 1883 in Festina and died on 30 Jan 1967 in Dimock, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota at age 83. Alphonse married Josephine Gilson, daughter of Philippe Gilson and Catherine Steichen. Josephine was born on 11 Mar 1894 in Colmar, Berg, Mersch, Luxembourg and died in Oct 1986 in Dimock at age 92. They had two children.

John and his brothers started Untereinerís Brothers in 1912 as a John Deere implement dealership, which was later sold to the Weber Implement dealership currently in Parkston, S.D. In 1938, the brothers purchased the lumber company in Dimock, from Fullerton Lumber Company. The yard made canvases, redwood water tanks, and rafters for Quonsets.

4-Charlotte A. Untereiner was born on 14 Jan 1923 in Dimock, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota, died on 1 Jun 2005 in Sun City, Maricopa Co., Arizona at age 82, and was buried in Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis. Charlotte married Charles Aloysius Zehnpfennig on 22 Apr 1947, son of Harry Zehnpfennig and Ida. Charles was born on 21 Jun 1920, died on 17 Jun 2005 in Rockford, Illinois at age 84, and was buried in Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis. They had five children: Mark, Carol, Thomas, Gene, and Jeanne M.. She attended the University of South Dakota and served in the U.S. Navy. He graduated from the University of South Dakota and served in the U.S. Army. Later Chuck became part owner of a family implement and lumber business. They retired to Sun City, Arizona in 1978 where Chuck sold real estate and was awarded distinction as a Life Member of the President's Roundtable at Ken Meade Realty.

5-Mark Zehnpfennig was born in 1958; married Jill.

5-Carol Zchnpfennig married Mr. Evans .

5-Thomas C. Zehnpfennig was born in 1952. He married Sheila J. She was born in 1954.

5-Gene Zehnpfennig

5-Jeanne M. Zehnpfennig was born on 11 Jan 1948. Jeanne married Thomas Freece. Thomas was born on 4 Feb 1946.

4-John Alphonse Untereiner was born on 12 Oct 1925 in Parkinson, South Dakota. John entered the United States Navy on February 19, 1944 and served on the USS Feland during the World War II. He also served on the LST and Ammunition ship in the Pacific Theatre. He was discharged from the Navy on May 26, 1946. John was awarded the Good Conduct and New Guinea and Philippine Liberation Medals. After the war, he returned to Dimock, So. Dak., to work for his father in the implement and lumber business.
In December of 1983, Untereiner's Inc. purchased the United Building Center lumber yard in Parkston as an expansion to the current business. John married Irene M. Wisner on 28 Jun 1950, daughter of Francis Wisner and Mary Germsheid. Irene was born on 1 Nov 1928. They had six children. John served as the Honorable Mayor of Dimock from 1966 to 1999 for a total of 33 years.

5-Debbie Untereiner

5-Bonnie Untereiner was born in 1954. She married Timothy Bjork. He was born in 1947.

5-Terri Untereiner

5-Ann M. Untereiner was born on 26 Jul 1957. Ann married Steffen Francis Mechtenberg. Steffen was born on 1 Aug 1952.

5-Mary Faye Untereiner was born on 28 May 1959. Mary married Douglas J. Haag. He was born on 13 Nov 1958.

5-Beth A. Untereiner was born on 1 Mar 1963.

3-Mary Untereiner was born on 21 Oct 1884 in Festina, died in 1916 in Grand Forks at age 32, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery.

3-Joseph Frank Untereiner was born on 23 Jan 1887 in Fort Atkinson, died on 4 Jan 1978 in Seattle, King Co., Washington at age 90, and was buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery. Joseph married Rose Agnes Boehnen on 15 Oct 1912 in Dimock, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota, daughter of William J. Boehnen and Mary Ann Bowar. Rose was born on 5 Nov 1890 in Cross Plains, died on 24 Jan 1955 in Dimock, South Dakota at age 64, and was buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery. They had three children.

4-Dorothy Rose Untereiner was born on 17 Nov 1915 in Cross Plains. Dorothy married Paul Conrad Finken on 28 Sep 1963 in Los Angeles.

4-Alvina Mary Untereiner was born on 28 Apr 1917 in Cross Plains. Alvina married Edward Mathew Stricherz on 7 Jun 1939.

4-Mary Jannette Untereiner was born on 24 Aug 1922 in Cross Plains and died on 25 Feb 1981 in Seattle at age 58. Mary married James Denis Lucey on 14 Feb 1947 in Dimock, South Dakota.

3-Louis William Untereiner was born on 30 Jan 1889 in Festina and died on 27 Mar 1889 in Festina.

3-Marie Untereiner was born on 30 Jan 1889 in Festina and died on 30 Jan 1889 in Festina.

3-Caroline Mathilda Dorothea Untereiner was born on 5 Jan 1891 in Festina and died on 27 Oct 1918 in Parkston, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota at age 27.

3-Hugo Emile Untereiner was born on 15 Jan 1893 in Festina and died on 11 Apr 1967 in Dimock at age 74. He served as a Private in WWI.

3-Irene Untereiner was born on 23 Jul 1895 in Muenster, Cooke Co., Texas and died on 20 Jul 1964 in Ethan, South Dakota at age 68.

3-Victoria J. Untereiner was born on 9 Jun 1897 in Muenster, Cooke Co., Texas and died on 24 Jan 1974 in Parkston, Hutchinson Co., South Dakota at age 76. Victoria married Dick Welch. Dick was born on 17 Mar 1897 and died in Apr 1974 in Parkston at age 77.

3-Aemilian Untereiner was born on 30 Jan 1898 in Muenster, died on 30 Jan 1898 in Muenster, and was buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery.

2-Mary Katherine Untereiner was born in Apr 1862 in Festina, died in 1954 in Waucoma at age 92, and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. Mary married Frederick Augustus (August) Meyer, son of Johan Henrich Meyer and Anna Maria Kuennen. Frederick was born on 18 Jan 1855 in St. Lucas, died on 31 May 1935 in Waucoma at age 80, and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. They had five children.

3-John Jacob Meyer was born on 29 Jan 1884 in Waucoma. John married Josephine Anna Bouska on 24 Nov 1908, daughter of Martin Bouska and Frances Rasenbeck. Josephine was born on 13 Aug 1889 and died on 24 Jan 1984 in Lime Springs, Howard Co., Iowa at age 94. They had five children.

4-Edward A. Meyer was born on 22 Nov 1912 and died on 27 Oct 1996 in Lime Springs, Howard Co., Iowa at age 83. Edward married Edith Barbara.

4-Earl J. Meyer was born in 1917.

4-Margaret Meyer was born in 1920.

4-Robert Henry Meyer was born in 1923 in Forest, Howard Co., Iowa. Robert married Ione E.

4-Elaine C. Meyer was born in 1926 in Forest.

3-Barbara Mary Meyer was born on 18 May 1888 in Eden Twp. She married George Joseph Herold. He was born on 7 Jun 1883. They had one son: Jerome.

3-Dorothea H. (Dora) Meyer was born on 18 May 1888 in Eden Twp.

3-Elizabeth M. Meyer was born in Jul 1892.

3-Julia A. Meyer was born in 1903 in Eden Twp.

2-Katherine Untereiner was born in 1860 in Winneshiek Co., Iowa. Katherine married William J. Doerr on 13 Nov 1877 in Festina, son of William Henry Doerr and Anna. William was born in 1856 in Military Twp.. They had seven children. In 1895, Joe Balk, age 19, lived with them in Ossian.

3-William Doerr was born in 1879 in Festina and died as a child.

3-Juliana Doerr was born on 6 Nov 1881 in Ossian and died on 22 Mar 1935 in Ossian at age 53. Juliana married Bernard Joseph (Benjamin) Einck on 20 Oct 1903, son of Bernhard Heinrich (Henry) Einck and Elisabeth Lechtenberg. Bernard was born on 21 Aug 1879 in Festina and died on 17 Aug 1971 in Ossian at age 91. They had six children.

4-Amanda Katherine Einck was born on 11 Nov 1904 in Castalia and died on 13 Apr 2007 in Milford, Dickinson Co., Iowa at age 102. Amanda married Henry Hank Schulz on 23 Feb 1925. Henry was born on 7 Jan 1902 and died on 27 Feb 1985 at age 83. They had three children.

Amanda Schultz, who resides at Grand Meadows Glen in Postville, reached a milestone very few people realize in a lifetime on Thursday as she celebrated her 100th birthday in the comfort of her own home. Prior to moving to Grand Meadows Glen earlier this year, Amanda lived in the home her husband Henry built on an acreage outside of Castalia.
Amanda was born November 11, 1904, in Military Township between Festina and Ossian. She received her education at the Buddenberg School and at Ossian DeSales Catholic Schools.
When asked how she met her husband, Henry, Amanda said, "I met him at a dance at the dance hall in Castalia. There was a restaurant downstairs and a dance hall upstairs. That is where all the young people went."
Although she says she was taken with Henry right away, the couple dated for two years before marrying and setting up housekeeping. The married on February 23, 1925 and celebrated 60 years of marriage before Henry died in 1985.
When asked about the early years of their marriage, Amanda said, "Times were tough when we were first married. We went through the great depression. My husband was a "Jack of all Trades". He was a very good carpenter, he could make anything. He became known in the area as an excellent carpenter. He made all of our furniture."

Amanda also recollected traveling by horse as well as using the horses for field work. She noted they purchased automobiles and tractors a few years later. She added that they also traveled by plane in later years. Her husband's brother owned a plane and he took them on several trips.
Together Amanda and Henry raised three children, Geneva, who lives in Milford, Iowa; Art of Urbandale and Lyle of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Amanda said, "When the children were young we enjoyed picnics at Walden Pond, fishing and taking longer family trips."
When not busy with the children, Amanda enjoyed crocheting and tatting. She said, "I learned to tat from my school teacher when I was nine or ten years old." Although her hands will not let her tat anymore, Amanda still has many beautiful samples of her work at her cozy little home in Postville. She adds that she has also given many of her pieces of handiwork to family and friends as gifts.
Along with tatting, Amanda also spent many hours crocheting. She said, "I made caps and booties for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
An avid cook and baker, Amanda made all her own bread until recently. She said, "I made all my bread from scratch until I moved out of the house. It was a little more difficult here so I resorted to frozen bread dough. " She added, "I never buy loaves of bread in the store, I just don't like the taste."
When asked to what she attributed her good health and long life, Amanda said, "I have been blessed with having good doctors and I have always eaten lots of fresh fruits and vegetables."
Amanda's daughter, Geneva added, "We always had a big garden and mother continued that for many years. She was active outdoors working in the garden and inside canning the produce."
To celebrate her milestone birthday many of her family members gathered last Saturday for an open house and day of reminiscing. Father Hawes, of Ossian DeSales Catholic Church, also visited Grand Meadows Glen on Friday for a special mass of thanksgiving. Amanda's family along with her three children, consists of eight living grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great grandchildren. Nineteen of Amanda's descendants have been baptized in the same christening gown she wore at her baptism nearly 100 years ago. The dress, made by Julia Doer Einck in 1904, was most recently worn by Amanda's great-great grandson Liam Dane Knudtson on April 7 at his baptism.
Amanda,who has a framed picture of herself in the gown along side one of Liam in the gown in her living room said, "It makes me proud to have so many of my family members want to use the baptismal dress. I feel blessed to have such a good family."
Happy 100th birthday Amanda. May you continue to have good health and fresh baked bread.

5-Geneva Marie Schultz was born in 1925. Geneva married Mervin Kenneth Knudtson. He was born on 16 Apr 1923 and died on 26 Feb 2000 in Milford, Dickinson Co., Iowa. They had six children: David Jerome, Julia Mary, Margaret Jo, Michael Kenneth, Lynn Duane, and Jeffrey Lee.

6-Julia Mary Knudtson was born in 1947. Julia married Michael D. Rohwer. Michael was born in 1947. They had two children.

6-Margaret Jo Knudtson was born in 1949. Margaret married Leon Ulferts. They had one daughter: Kristy Lynn. Margaret next married David R. Schomburg. They had two children: Kristy Lyn and Tatum Ann.

7-Kristy Lyn Schomburg was born in 1968.

7-Tatum Ann Schomburg was born in 1974.

6-Michael Kenneth Knudtson was born in 1950. Michael married Linda Denise Russell. They had four children.

6-Lynn Duane Knudtson was born on 15 Sep 1951. Lynn married Robin Ray. They had one daughter: Rebecca Lynn.

6-Jeffrey Lee Knudtson was born in 1955. Jeffrey married Barbara Renee Kraft. They had three children.

6-David Jerome Knudtson was born in Jun 1956.

5-Arthur Henry Schultz married Dorothy Marie Sloan. They had one son.

6-Douglas William Schultz was born on 27 Apr 1958 in Des Moines and died on 28 Mar 1974 at age 15.

5-Lyle Henry Schultz married Phyllis. Lyle next married Betsey Priece. They had two children.

4-Arthur William Einck was born on 17 Feb 1907 in Bloomfield, Winneshiek Co., Iowa and died in Nov 1983 in Ossian at age 76. Arthur married Mildred Louise Mary Wiltgen on 3 Dec 1935 in St. Joseph's, Cresco, daughter of William Leo Wiltgen and Mary Ann Uhlenhake. Mildred was born on 24 Jul 1915 in Ossian, died on 19 Apr 1996 in Ossian at age 80, and was buried in St. Francis de Sales Cemetery, Ossian. They had three children.

5-Robert Joseph Einck was born on 20 Jul 1935. Robert married Diana Janet Bushman. They had four children.

6-John Joseph Einck was born on 27 Feb 1956. John married Julie M. Julie was born on 20 Nov 1953. They had one son: Benjamin Ross.

6-Dean Robert Einck was born on 7 Sep 1957. Dean married Sharon A. Sharon was born on 26 Jul 1958.

6-Daryl Arthur Einck was born on 16 Jul 1959.
Daryl married Patricia M. Patricia was born on 1 Aug 1960.

6-Scott Peter Einck was born on 23 Nov 1961. Scott married Cheryl Diane Wicklund on 22 Nov 2003 in Scott Co., Minnesota. Cheryl was born in 1960.

5-Richard Bernard Einck was born in Jul 1937. Richard married Mary Jane Bohr, daughter of Clement J. (Mike) Bohr and Mary M. Hageman. Mary was born in 1940. They had four children.

6-Beth Marie Einck was born in 1963. Beth married Kent A. Choate.

6-Todd Richard Einck was born in 1964. Todd married Thuytrang Thi Trang on 22 Oct 1994 in Nevada.

6-Jeffrey Richard Einck was born in 1965. Jeffrey married Karen.

6-Douglas Richard Einck was born in Feb 1968. Douglas married Glee L.

5-Mel Francis Einck was born on 14 Mar 1946 in Decorah, died on 20 Apr 2007 in Postville at age 61, and was buried in St. Francis de Sales Cemetery, Ossian. Mel married Cindy White on 30 Oct 1965 in St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church. Cindy was born on 5 Jul 1946. They had three children: Daniel William, Michael Francis, and Kris David. He attended De Vry Technical School in Chicago for one year. He entered the U. S. Army in November of 1965 and was discharged in December of 1967.
They lived in Aberdeen, MD for three months and then in Paso Robles, CA until December of 1967, when Mel was discharged from the Army. They lived in Ossian for a short time and moved to Postville in May of 1969. Mel had been employed by Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative in Postville since October of 1968, until the present time.

6-Daniel William Einck was born in 1966. Daniel married Brenda J. She was born in 1974.

6-Michael Francis Einck was born on 21 Nov 1968.Michael married Melanie Carolus.

6-Kris David Einck was born on 19 Nov 1975. Kris married Dana Marie. Dana was born on 19 Mar 1976.

4-Irene Elizabeth Einck was born on 24 Jun 1910 in Castalia, died on 11 Sep 2007 in Aase-Haugen Nursing Home, Decorah at age 97, and was buried in St. Benedict's Cemetery. Irene married John William (Jack) Schissel on 2 Jun 1930 in St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church, Ossian, son of Joseph John Schissel and Staphina Funke. John was born on 3 Feb 1906 and died on 6 May 1979 in Decorah at age 73. They had four children.

5-Ardith Mary Schissel was born on 4 Jan 1932. Ardith married Leonard V. Triska on 20 Jun 1949 in St. Benedict's Catholic Church, Decorah, son of Albert Triska and Rose Havel. Leonard was born on 15 Feb 1927 in Spilleville, died on 22 Sep 2007 in Decorah at age 80, and was buried in St. Benedict Cemetery. They had six children.

6-Ruth Ellen Triska was born on 9 Dec 1954. Ruth married Thomas A. Boeding, son of Clemens Boeding and Teresa Mary Best. Thomas was born on 17 Feb 1953. They had two children.

7-Jacquelyn Marie Boeding was born in Nov 1979. Jacquelyn married Barry Tewes. They had two children: Tanner and Conner.

7-Brad Joseph Boeding was born on 20 Nov 1982.

6-Julie Marie Triska was born on 17 Jul 1957. Julie married Joseph Anton Einck, son of Norbert Frank (Norb) Einck and Rosaira Wurzer. Joseph was born from 1956 to 1958. They had two children.

7-Josie Elizabeth Einck was born on 10 Oct 1980 in Decorah. Living in Richmond, VA. Josie married Andrew Burg on 23 Jul 2005 in St. Benedict's Catholic Church, Decorah, son of Philip Burg and Barbara.

7-Lee Michael Einck was born on 15 Feb 1984.

6-Terri Jo Triska was born in 1959. Terri married Gene A. Wiltgen, son of Richard John (Dick) Wiltgen and Viola Wagner. Gene was born in 1959 in Iowa.

6-Patricia Ann Triska was born in 1962. Patricia married Jay F. Courtney. They had three children: Devan, Tyler, and Ryan.

6-Sandra Jean Triska was born in 1966. Sandra married Kristoffer Lewis Fadness. They had three children: Zachary, Sela, and Signe.

6-Diane Kay Triska was born in 1969. Diane married Darren D. Young. Darren was born in 1969. They had two children: Alex and Emma.

5-Kathleen June Schissel was born in 1936. Kathleen married Eldon Charles Vine. Eldon was born in 1932. They had three children.

6-Ann Elizabeth Vine married Charles Hoefer.

6-James Brien Vine was born on 3 May 1958 and died on 28 Dec 1978 at age 20.

6-Kyle Charles Vine married Nancy A. Pettigreu. Nancy was born in 1960.

5-John William Schissel was born on 3 May 1940 and died on 28 Nov 1963 at age 23. John married Eunice Ann Westby. They had one son: Randall John.

6-Randall John Schissel was born on 8 Oct 1961. Randall married Cynthia Marie.

5-Fred Schissel died from 1940 to 1945. He married and had a son, both unknown.

4-Frederick Einck was born in 1913 in Bloomfield, Iowa and died young.

4-Frederick Theodore Einck was born on 6 May 1916, died on 2 Aug 1943 in Decorah at age 27, and was buried in St. Francis de Sales Cemetery, Ossian. Frederick married Irene Louise Meland on 30 May 1936 in Postville, daughter of Peter Meland and Mabel Meyer. Irene was born on 24 Aug 1917 in Postville and died on 19 Jan 2004 in Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon at age 86. They had five children.

He was killed by a bolt of lightning while assisting with threshing near Decorah. Mr. Einck and a group of threshers had taken shelter under the eaves of a barn during the storm when the lightning struck.

5-Darrel John Einck was born on 28 Jul 1940 in Decorah and died on 13 May 2005 in Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon at age 64. Darrel married Norine Diane Roberts. The marriage ended in divorce. They had three children: Frederick Theodore, Richard, and Wendy Lue.

He served in the US Marine Corps from 1957 to 1963. He received a Good Conduct Medal from the Marine Corps. He is preceded in death by his parents, Frederick and Irene; one son, Richard; brothers, Larry, Lloyd, and Richard; and sister, Julie.

6-Frederick Theodore Einck was born in 1962. Frederick married Laurel Hawman.

6-Richard Einck was born on 11 Sep 1964 in Palo Alto, California and died on 11 Sep 1964.

6-Wendy Lue Einck was born on 29 Jul 1968. Wendy married Frank Torres II.

Darrel next married Maydean Pitts on 17 May 1986 in Oroville, California.

5-Lawrence Einck died young.

5-Lloyd Einck died young.

5-Richard Einck died young.

5-Julie Einck died young.

4-Jerome Joseph Einck was born on 6 Jun 1919 in Bloomfield, Winneshiek Co., Iowa. He enlisted on 17 May 1943 at Camp Dodge Herrold, stating he had attended high school for one year and was employed as an automobile serviceman. Jerome married Norma Audrey Koch, daughter of Walter Koch and Mabel Monson. Norma was born in 1926. They had four children: Diane Louise, Linda Kay, Sandra Susan, and Annette Marie. They celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversity on 28 Feb. 2006 with a family dinner hosted by their children.

5-Diane Louise Einck was born in 1951. Diane married Richard Dean Trytten. Richard was born in 1946. They had three children.

6-Richard Arik Trytten was born in 1977.

6-Ryan David Trytten was born in Sep 1978. He married Sadie Larae Smid on 6 Jan 2006 in San Diego Bay.

6-Emily Louise Trytten Emily married Todd Eli Kellenberger on 24 Jun 2006 in First Lutheran Church, Decorah. He was born in Apr 1982.

5-Linda Kay Einck

5-Sandra Susan Einck was born in 1947. Sandra married Vernon Lambert Thuente, son of Virgil Joseph Thuente and Irma B. Winter. Vernon was born on 13 May 1947 in Decorah. They had two children.

6-Wade Michael Thuente was born in 1970. Wade married Jennifer Lyn Cannady. They had one daughter: Hannah.

6-Timothy Jerome Thuente was born in Apr 1972. Timothy married Kris Ann Holthaus, daughter of Joseph Gerald Holthaus and Rita Ann Pavlovec. Kris was born on 13 Feb 1975. They had two children.

7-Lindsey Ann Thuente

7-Hailey Jo Thuente was bon on 1 Jun 2006 and was christened on 16 Jul 2006 in Our Lady of Seven Dolors.

5-Annette Marie Einck was born in 1949. Annette married Kenneth D. Bohr on 31 Jan 1971 in St. Benedict's Catholic Church, Decorah, son of John J. Bohr Sr. and Anna Bertha Heying. Kenneth was born on 20 Feb 1949 in Decorah and died on 13 Sep 1997 in Decorah at age 48. They had three children.

6-Kendra Ann Bohr was born on 29 Sep 1971. Kendra married Shawn Edward Kleve, son of Herbert A. Kleve and Judith Humpal. They had one son.

7-Christian John Kleve was born on 13 Dec 1996 in Olmsted Co., Minnesota.

6-Adam John Bohr was born on 13 Feb 1974.

6-Robert Kenneth Bohr was born on 2 Oct 1977.

Annette next married Karl F. Wiltgen, son of Ralph W. Wiltgen and Evelyn Wenthold. Karl was born on 7 Sep 1943.

3-Theodore Peter Doerr was born on 31 Jan 1884 in Festina. Theodore married Anna. His draft registration shows he was a building contractor in Wesley, Kossuth Co., Iowa. His nearest relative was Mrs. Anna Doerr.

3-Elizabeth Catherine Doerr was born on 14 Jul 1887 in Ossian and died on 7 Apr 1961 in New Hampton at age 73. Elizabeth married Anthony John (Tony) Einck, son of Bernhard Heinrich (Henry) Einck and Elisabeth Lechtenberg. Anthony was born on 17 Feb 1884 in Festina and died on 30 Dec 1962 in New Hampton at age 78. They had eight children.

4-Vera Elizabeth Einck was born on 16 Mar 1914 in Charles City and died on 10 Jan 1970 in Roseville, Iowa at age 55. Vera married Matthias John Schmitt. Matthias was born on 7 Jun 1910 in Marble Rock and died on 13 May 1993 in Rockford, Floyd Co., Iowa at age 82. They had ten children.

5-Margaret Katherine Schmitt was born in 1936. Margaret married Lawrence Joseph Trenary. They had five children.

6-Debra Lynn Trenary was born in 1960. Debra married Raymond Dick Addis. Raymond was born in 1952. They had two children.

7-David Abel Addis was born on 14 Jan 1983 in Fairbault Co., Minnesota.

7-Erin Rae Addis was born on 17 Mar 1984 in Fairbault Co., Minnesota.

6-Cheryl Elizabeth Trenary was born in Apr 1964. Cheryl married Jason Lee Bernard. Jason was born on 2 Mar 1966 in Olmsted Co., Minnesota. They had two children.

7-Joshua Michael Bernard was born on 5 Jun 1993 in Olmsted Co., Minnesota.

7-Shelby Katherine Bernard was born on 3 Oct 1996 in Olmsted Co., Minnesota.

6-Andrea Marie Trenary was born in 1967. Andrea married Daniel Lee Haight. They had two children: Carissa Marie and Kasey Christine. Andrea next married Craid Swanberg. They had one daughter: Callie Catherine.

6-Marsha Elaine Trenary was born in 1968. Marsha married Corey James Martin. They had two children: Jeffrey Lee and Christopher Joseph.

6-Michael Paul Trenary was born on 12 Dec 1970 in Minnesota. Michael married Tamra Linda Schmidt. They had two children: Zachary Michael and Benjamin Michael.

7-Zachary Michael Trenary was born on 5 Jun 2000 in Minnesota.

7-Benjamin Michael Trenary

5-Jerome Raymond Schmitt was born in 1939. Jerome married Sharon Kay DeBauer. They had three children: Karla Ann, Sondra Marie, and Paula Jean.

5-Donald Bernard Schmitt was born in 1940. Donald married Mary Margaret Johnson. Mary was born in 1941. They had six children.

6-Theresa Lyn Schmitt was born in 1967.

6-Catherine Renee Schmitt was born in 1968. Catherine married Bradley Steven Boesen. They had two children: Aaron Christopher and Dana Robert.

6-Brian Matthew Schmitt was born in 1971. Brian married Jane Marie Spacklin. They had two children: Noah Jay and Kera Elizabeth.

6-Amanda Jean Schmitt was born in 1977. Amanda married Dayanand K. Reddy. They had one daughter: Ila Saharda.

6-Matthew Jon Schmitt was born in 1978.

6-Donelle Marie Schmitt was born in 1980.

5-Elizabeth Mary Schmitt

5-Ellen Marie Schmitt was born in 1944. Ellen married Denis Christopher Flaherty. Denis was born in 1944. They had two children.

6-Sean Timothy Flaherty married Kristin Smith. They had three children: Katherine Elizabeth, Laura Ann, and Michael Sean.

6-Stephanie Kay Flaherty was born in 1973. Stephanie married Brian Glen Pfeiffer. They had one daughter: Reilly Ellen.

5-Arthur John Schmitt was born in 1946. Arthur married Janie Jo Schwartz. They had three children.

6-Amy Jo Schmitt married Aaron David Patterson. Aaron was born in 1975.

6-Anthony John Schmitt married Lauren. They had one son: Hunter Monroe.

6-Kelly Jo Schmitt married Troy N. Colsch. Troy was born in 1979.

5-Walter Eugene Schmitt was born in 1950. Walter married Paula Lynn Wedeking. They had three children: Laura Ann, Jessica Vera, and Sarah Jean.

5-Barbara Ann Schmitt

5-Clarence Robert Schmitt was born in 1955. Clarence married Christine Sue Schwake. They had four children: Andrew Clarence, Joseph Neil, Marian, and Jacob Matthew.

5-Norman Ralph Schmitt was born in 1958. Norman married Brenda Kay Wohlford. They had three children: Renee Eleanor, Kate Eloise, and Greg Norman.

4-Donald Joseph Einck was born on 19 May 1916 in Charles City and died on 3 Oct 2007 in Denver, Bremer Co., Iowa at age 91. Donald married Margaret Toedt on 1 May 1948. They had three children: Leo Frederick, Elizabeth Louise (Beth), and Daisy Marie. He was employed at John Deere & Co. for over 32 years. He died from Alzheimer's.

5-Leo Frederick Einck was born on 8 Aug 1950. Leo married Hazel Kate Eggleton. Leo next married Shawna Clare Willey. They had three children: Veronica Claire, Donald Ross, and Vincent Joseph.

5-Elizabeth Louise (Beth) Einck married Daniel McCrea Vance. They had one daughter.

6-Nicole Alexis Vance married Jason Rowe.

5-Daisy Marie Einck married Jeffrey Ross Meyer. They had two children: Gail Marie and Holly Katherine.

Daisy next married Marc Howard Segal.

4-Oril Lavina Einck was born on 13 Aug 1918 in Charles City, died on 24 Oct 2006 in Charles City at age 88, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery. Oril married William C. Schmitt on 4 Mar 1943 in Immaculate Conception Church, Charles City, son of Nicholas (Nick) Schmitt Sr. and Mary Sinnwell. William was born on 28 Sep 1915 in Floyd Co., Iowa, died on 6 Dec 2005 in Charles City at age 90, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery. They had three children: Carol Ann, Lyle William, and Marilyn K.

5-Carol Ann Schmitt was born in 1944. Carol married Edward Ralph Schmadeke. Edward was born in 1944. They had three children.

6-Annette Marie Schmadeke was born in 1965. Annette married Bradley Staples. They had two children: Abigail and Ethan Marshall.

6-Amy Jo Schmadeke married Ron McIntoy.

6-Sara Lynne Schmadeke
Sara married Daniel Hensing. They had two children: Hannah and Molly Jonelle.

5-Lyle William Schmitt was born on 17 May 1947. Lyle married Karen Ann Pelton. Karen was born on 10 May 1946. They had one daughter: Rachel.

5-Marilyn K. Schmitt was born on 12 May 1950. Marilyn married Richard Cameron Gaule. Richard was born on 17 Jul 1943.

4-Ardis Mary Einck was born in 1922. Ardis married Robert Martin Wiltse. Robert was born in 1921. They had one son.

5-Wayne Robert Wiltse was born in 1964 in Charles City.

4-Ida Rose Einck was born in 1924 in Charles City. Ida married Charles Louis (Carl) Mihm, son of Clemens W. Mihm and Margaret Rose (Maggie) Kuennen. Charles was born on 21 Apr 1909 in St. Lucas and died on 1 Nov 1979 in Lawler at age 70. They had eight children: Donna Leila, Dennis Charles, Lorraine Kay, Jeanne Rose, Charles Allen, John Anthony, Cheri Diane, and Janice Helen.

5-Donna Leila Mihm was born on 11 Mar 1947. Donna married Jerry David Falck. Donna next married Reginald Kent Jones. Reginald was born on 22 Nov 1931 in Liverpool, England and died on 11 Jun 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at age 74.

5-Dennis Charles Mihm was born on 12 Apr 1950. Dennis married Jean Louise Smith. Dennis next married Sharon Labert Nuehring.

5-Lorraine Kay Mihm was born on 31 Jul 1951. Lorraine married David Lee Brown. They had two children: Lindsay Rose and Lisa Katherine.

5-Jeanne Rose Mihm was born on 4 Jul 1953. Jeanne married Kenneth Ray Douglas. They had two children: Amy Rose and Christopher Ray.

6-Amy Rose Douglas married Lonnie James Reis. They had two children: Aydin James and Raylor Rose.

6-Christopher Ray Douglas married Molly Kinser.

5-Charles Allen Mihm was born in 1955. Charles married Shirley Ann King. They had two children.

6-Charles Clark Mihm

6-Jesse Allan Mihm was born in 1982.

5-John Anthony Mihm was born in 1959. John married Debra Sue Crooks. They had two children: Connor Bradley and Callie Jo.

5-Cheri Diane Mihm was born on 29 Nov 1961. Cheri married Anthony Lynn Seiler. They had four children: Shanna Michelle, Adam Anthony, Kate Lynn, and Samuel Alan. Cheri next married Gary John Thomas.

5-Janice Helen Mihm was born on 28 Oct 1963. Janice married Dean Dickson.

4-Helen Ione Einck was born in 1926 in Charles City.

4-Wayne Anthony Einck was born on 18 May 1928 in Charles City and died on 14 Sep 2006 in Waverly, Bremer Co., Iowa at age 78. Wayne married Margie Lee Renfroe. Margie was born on 1 Apr 1933 and died on 24 Nov 1978 in Youngtown, Maricopa Co., Arizona at age 45. Wayne next married Leatrice Smith Peters.

4-Dorothy Amanda Einck was born in 1930. Dorothy married Clarence William Carr. Clarence was born on 29 Sep 1920 and died on 12 Oct 1978 in Waterloo at age 58. They had two children.

5-Catherine Lee Carr married Mr. Davis. They had two children: Erienne and Sabrina.

5-Cynthia Cleo Carr was born in 1959. Cynthia married J. R. Castleberry. They had one son: Cheyenne Raelle.

3-Joseph Sylvester Doerr was born on 26 Nov 1888 in Ossian. Joseph married Theresa M. Theresa was born in 1898. They had four children. His draft registration shows he was a farmer in Ossian and was married.

4-Elmo Doerr was born in 1919 in Eden, Iowa.

4-Wilma Doerr was born in 1922.

4-Cathryn Doerr was born in 1924.

4-Dorothy Doerr was born in 1927.

3-John Emil Doerr was born on 8 Aug 1893 in Ossian. John married Gina in 1917-1920. Gina was born in 1896. In 1920 they lived with his parents.

3-Helene Doerr was born in 1895 in Ossian.

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